7 High Energy Strains to Fight Fatigue

This time of year is tough for many people, especially those of us in Canada. The days are dark and cold and the holidays are stressful and bustling with shopping, gift wrapping, holiday parties, etc. So how do you fight the fatigue? Cannabis of course! More specifically, pure sativa strains or sativa-dominant hybrids. These strains work as the cannabinoid receptors improve dopamine levels. Dopamine is responsible for creating the sensation of pleasure and reward, which is very motivating! Check out our list of top 7 High Energy Strains to Fatigue Fighters:

Lemon Haze – #7

Lemon Haze is a hard-hitting 70% Sativa-dominant strain with moderate THC levels of 17%. The buds smell like freshly cut lemon and it comes with a tangy flavor and sweet, lingering aftertaste. A cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, it is no surprise that this strain packs a punch. It is perfect for a rough day or if you need an afternoon boost as consuming this bud results in an uplifting and euphoric high to help you take on the world. Beyond fighting fatigue, it is effective against depression, stress and chronic pain.


Lemon Haze

Jillybean – #6

 Jillybean is a delightful Sativa-dominant mix between Space Queen and Orange Skunk. This strain has more moderate THC levels of 15-18% but is just as good at fighting fatigue. The buds have a strong, sweet flavor and aroma of tropical and citrusy fruit and a matching taste. This strain creates a wonderfully euphoric cerebral high complete with jolts of energy and inspiring creativity. This is a great strain to keep you positive during the dark winter months and help you stay productive! Jillybean is also effective against anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

Jack Herer – #5

Jack Herer is another fatigue-fighting favourite named after the cannabist and author. This is an upbeat Sativa-dominant strain with approx. 23% THC. Consuming Jack Herer results in a heady high complete with a happy, bubbly mood and a spur of creative energy. In addition to fighting fatigue, it is also suitable for individuals suffering from anxiety, migraines, bipolar disorder, PTSD or ADHD. Jack Herer promises to help you maintain a focused, clear-head while you get busy with your day.

jack herer

Chocolope – #4

Chocolope is the perfect strain for your wake-and-bake ritual as its earthy flavor goes perfect with your morning cup of coffee. This strain is highly potent with 95% sativa-dominant genetics and 18-21% THC levels. Much like the name, the bud has a pungent chocolate and coffee flavor with an earthy aroma. Be careful with this strain as it is quite strong and can be overwhelming to individuals who are new to smoking or to sativas.


Sour Diesel – #3

Sour Diesel ranks high on our list as being a fatigue fighting machine. This strain is actually one of the few on the list prescribed for chronic fatigue! This strain is 90% sativa-dominant with soaring THC levels of up to 26%. Sour Diesel delivers a potent and invigorating head high that is fast acting and ideal for generating alertness and motivation. As the name suggest, these buds have a dank, diesel aroma and flavor with hints of candy-like sweetness. Also good for relieving headaches, loss of appetite, anxiety and mood disorders, it is the perfect pick-me-up.

Sour Diesel

Green Crack – #2

Green Crack is an extremely popular sativa-dominant hybrid and is very potent and highly-addictive with THC of around 24%. It is sweet with hints of tropical and citrus flavors and dense, tight buds. The high comes with a jolt of energy and increase in mood. This strain is favored for sparking creativity and assisting users with getting things done. It’s has also been proven extremely effective when it comes to treating anxiety and depression. You can buy Green Crack in our online cannabis dispensary shop.

Green Crack

Durban Poison – #1

The number one strain on our list is better than coffee and has been nicknamed the “espresso of cannabis”. This is because Durban Poison is one of the most energetic strains in the world! It is a pure Sativa with up to 24% THC. The buds have an earthy sweet smell with hints of pine and a similar flavor with a tinge of citrus.  The high hits with a strong and happy cerebral effects that are perfect for daytime errands or to spur creativity. This strain is also great at managing daytime depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Durban Poison

Do you have any fatigue fighting favourites? If so, let us know! If you are new to using cannabis, no sweat! Check out our blog for more information or head over to our store to see how easy it is to order medical marijuana online and start changing your life today.

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