Crunchberry x Big Smooth Diamonds (1 Gram)

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Crunchberry x Big Smooth Diamonds (1 Gram)

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Crunchberry x Big Smooth Diamonds


Approx 90% THC

60% diamonds and 40% terpenes

Sold in 1 gram quantities

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Crunchberry x Big Smooth Diamonds are a mixture of two 70:30 Indica-dominant strains to produce a very heavy Indica experience. Crunchberry (aka “Crunch Berries”, “Captain Crunch", “Crunch Berry Kush") is derived from OG Kush and an unknown Indica dominant strain. The resulting mixture has a sweet, fruity flavor with spicy and earhty tones. This strain produces a mild, full-bodied high that leaves the user uplifted and happy with a boost in creativity, although many users find themselves quite lazy with this strain. Ideal for insomnia and anxiety, Crunchberry is sure to be a favourite! The other half of this diamond mixture is composed of Big Smooth, another Indica-dominant strain which comes from mixing OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream. This strain has a blueberry and vanilla aromas and flavors and produces a smooth, lifted experience that leaves users feeling creative, aroused and relaxed - sometimes with a case of the giggles. This strain is ideal for treating chronic pain, fatigue, depression and mood swings.

Cannabis diamonds are essentially cured and aged live resin cured that is stored cold to preserve as many of the natural terpenes as possible. After going through the extraction process, the resulting extract is set aside for aging which causes the cannabinoids to transform into crystal structures. This process is often referred to as "diamond mining" and the resulting "diamonds" can range in size from very small pieces to large chunks.

These Diamond Extracts typically contains 60% Diamonds and 40% Terpenes with a THC content around 90%. Sold in 1 gram quantities.

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