Gelato 33 x Nuken (1 Gram)

Gelato 33 x Nuken (1 Gram)

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Gelato 33 x Nuken Diamonds


Approx 90% THC

60% diamonds and 40% terpenes

Sold in 1 gram quantities

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Gelato 33 x Nuken Diamonds is a nice hybrid strain with slightly more elevated Indica properties. Geltato 33 is a potent hybrid strain with THC levels up to 22%. This strain produces an instant headrush and boost in mind that leads into pleasant body relaxation to promote creativity and relaxation as well as providing a boost in a social setting. The other half of this diamond mixture is composed of Nuken, an Indica-dominant strain with an 80/20 Indica:Sativa ratio. This strain is a mix of God Bud x Kish with THC levels reaching up to 25%, making it an equally potent strain. With a long-lasting and relaxing bud, Nuken will leave you calm and spacey but without the heavy sedation. Ideal for managing chronic pain, depression and anxiety this Diamond mixture provides potent relief.

Cannabis diamonds are essentially cured and aged live resin cured that is stored cold to preserve as many of the natural terpenes as possible. After going through the extraction process, the resulting extract is set aside for aging which causes the cannabinoids to transform into crystal structures. This process is often referred to as "diamond mining" and the resulting "diamonds" can range in size from very small pieces to large chunks.

These Diamond Extracts typically contains 60% Diamonds and 40% Terpenes with a THC content around 90%. Sold in 1 gram quantities.

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