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Wholesale Flowers

1/2 lb: $600
=$75/oz (Reg $90/oz)
1 lb: $1,175
=$73.44/oz (Reg $90/oz)
1/2 lb: $700
=$87.50/oz (Reg $120/oz)
1 lb: $1,275
=$79.69/oz (Reg $120/oz)
1/2 lb: $750
=$93.75/oz (Reg $135/oz)
1 lb: $1,400
=$87.50/oz (Reg $135/oz)
1/2 lb: $800
=$100/oz (Reg $160/oz)
1 lb: $1,500
=$93.75/oz (Reg $160/oz)


1 Carton (10 packs): $600
=$60/pack (Reg $65/pack)
2 Cartons (2 x 10 packs): $1000
=$50/pack (Reg $65/pack)


1/2 lb: $1,250
=$5.58/g (Reg $8/g)
1 lb: $2,300
=$5.13/g (Reg $8/g)

Wholesale Concentrates

Distillates, Shatter, Live Resin & Hash.

Clear Distillate: $4,500/224ml
=$20.09/ml (Reg $33/ml)
Clear Distillate: $8,000/448ml
=$17.86/ml (Reg $33/ml)
Phoenix Tears: $2,250/224ml
=$10.04/ml (Reg $15/ml)
Phoenix Tears: $4,000/448ml
=$8.93/ml (Reg $15/ml)
$25 Shatter – 1/2 lb: $4,000
=$17.86/g (Reg $25/g)
$25 Shatter – 1lb: $7250
=$16.18/g (Reg $25/g)
Live Resin (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
1/2 lb: $5,150
=$22.99/g (Reg $40/g)
Live Resin ((Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
1 lb: $9,000
=$20.09/g (Reg $40/g)
1/2 lb: $1,000
=$4.46/g (Reg $7/g)
1 lb: $1,800
=$4.02/g (Reg $7/g)


With COVID-19 continuing to be an issue across Canada, we want to assure our customers that FairCannaCare will continue business as usual unless there is a shut-down with Canada Post. With things changing daily we suggest to our customers to stock up and plan ahead for a potential shut down in these uncertain times as there is a strong possibility this can happen. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide periodic updates via email and on social media.

Please note that due to unprecedented order volume and reduced Canada Post service you may experience delays in receiving your order. Please by patient as our Admin team is working as quickly as possible to process and ship orders under difficult circumstances.

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